Subutex (Buprenorphine) & Norbuprenorphine Drug Testing Information

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My question is my daughter, age 28 has been on subutex for 1.5 years (16 mg daily). She is 14 days clean and the subutex is still showing up in her urine. Is this possible or probable? She has not been eating or drinking much since, could that be the problem?


 There is no simple answer to your inquiry as many different factors can affect how long a drug is detectable in someones system. Having said that, we can certainly provide you some information that can help you better understand the typical detection times for Subutex (Buprenorphine). Specifically answering your question with all the available information at hand, it is VERY probable that the drug is showing up in the urine, even 15 days after stopping the medication.


Subutex (Buprenorphine) is an opioid drug that is structurally similar to morphine. It is most often used for either pain control or opioid dependence/withdrawal. The drug does have some unusual characteristics that vary from many of the other drugs in the opioid class. While most drugs in the class tend to be metabolized and excreted from the body fairly quickly, buprenorphine hangs around for a long time!


When talking drug tests, a common measure in determining how long a drug lasts in the body is half life. A half life is the amount of time that it takes for 50% of a drug to be metabolized. For example, if a drug has a half life of 10 hours, 10 hours after that drug is absorbed, only 50% will be remaining in the body. Half lives are used to approximate how long a drug will be detectable via a test. The rule of thumb is that it takes about 5 half lives for a drug to become undetectable. Let’s use the example of the drug with a 10 hour half-life:



Half Life Time Elapsed (hours) % Drug Remaining
0 0 100
1 10 50
2 20 25
3 30 12.5
4 40 6.25
5 50 3.125


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